PinkTalent Nearshoring

Remote IT-delivery solutions helping you leverage your business needs

Our nearshoring proposition consists of:

  • Complete teams in the EU helping you scale with your needs
  • Fully remote top IT-professionals that help you deliver
  • Reshoring to get your Offshoring back to the EU

Let your business grow, with the best remote teams and IT-professions.

Looking for a way to boost your business IT potential?

We can help you scale your IT delivery with fully remote IT-teams or single IT-professionals working form within the EU. If there is one thing the COVID period has learned us, it is the possibility and advantages of working remote. So why wait to make the step and extend generate value at lower cost?

We have over 6 years of experience and knowledge in building, scaling and growing IT-delivery abroad. In this we specialize in a network of EU based partners to build and retain scalable remote IT-professionals and complete teams. Let us help you to scale your IT teams and to let you grown your business.

Taas, our unique “Team as a Service” proposition

Fully remote teams working on your IT needs.

With our expertise, knowledge and our partnerships with top companies in Poland, Hungary,  Romania and Slovakia we can together deliver great IT-teams. Don’t let the lack of IT capacity and skyrocketing cost prevent your business from growing.

After a personal intake and section we will together match the team and your business. We do for both the technical and cultural fit. Then we start the pilot phase and cocreate the ideal working environment.

In this we together decide on the best way to create a sustainable IT-delivery organisation. We would very much like to be the Matchmaker for your fully remote team.

Remote Top IT-professional

Can’t find the talent locally? We help you find that specific IT-talent in the EU

Besides our network of Nearshoring-partnerships we also have a huge network of selected top European ‘freelance’ IT experts. Highly motivated and extremely skilled people working at competitive cost from within the EU on your projects and in your teams.

Are you ready to discover the possibilities for your business in working together with our remote candidates and/or remote teams?

It can be that easy:

Tell us what you need

Together we will identify your unique needs and find what is needed to help you get the best value for money. This will consist of both technical and cultural needs.

The Matching

We take care of finding the right IT talent or team for your business-needs. And provide you with the best options matching your unique needs.

Intake and Pilot

We take care of the selections and intakes. With single professionals this is the same as a remote intake focussing on hard and soft-skills. With teams it’s a bigger endeavour consisting of a pilot-phase and focusing on technical skills and of course the culture-fit.

Contracting & billing

We take care of the contracting and billing for you. No fuss, we make sure the paperwork is in order and the focus remains on the work and not the administration of the work.